Latest MTN NG 500MB Cheat

 This MTN free browsing cheat works on all sims, be it old or new sim card. It's works very smoothly and connects very fast on both EC Tunnel PRO and EC Tunnel LITE VPN.

I will teach you how to set up this cheat on your android phone. Getting 500MB everyday is something cool, especially for those who only do social media and chatting all day. It will also come in handy for those with more than one MTN sim cards lol.

Without saying too much. Let's get straight to the point why we are here.


Like I said earlier, this cheat works on every MTN sims. You get 500MB daily for free.


  1. All you have to do is visit and wait for some minutes for the free 500MB data to be credited to you
  2. After receiving the free 500MB MTN Elearning data, now it's time to get connected with our VPN app.
  3. Kindly download EC Tunnel Pro vpn from Playstore  CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE APP
  4. Here or EC Tunnel LITE VPN from Playstore Here
  5. After installing any of the vpn, launch it and select Server as MTN NG Elearning 500MB Server and Tweak as MTN NG Elearning 500MB/Day Tweak, finally tap on ConnectNOTEIf you are using EC Tunnel PRO VPN, make sure you select Proxy Port 80, else it won't Connect