School of Nursing Chemistry


  •  A gas exerts pressure on its container because.....

A) the molecules of a gas collide with the walls of the container

B) some of the molecules are moving faster than others

C) of the collisions of the molecules with each other

D) of the mass of the molecules of the gas

  • The basic assumption in the kinetic theory of gases that the collisions of the gaseous molecules are perfectly elastic implies that the.......

A) forces of attraction and repulsion are in equilibrium

B) gaseous molecules can occupy any available space

C) gaseous molecules will continue their motion indefinitely

D) gases can be compressed

  •  The salt formed from a reaction between citric acid and sodium hydroxide in solution will be.......

A) acidic

B) basic

C) complex

D) neutral

  • The colour changes observed when testing for reducing agents using acidified potassium heptaoxodichromate (IV) solution is........

A) yellow to purple

B) orange to green

C) green to orange

D) purple to yellow

  • Which of the following metals is purified commercially by electrolysis?

A) Zn

B) Fe

C) Sn

D) Cu

  •  Two equal bulbs, one containing ammonia and the other nitrogen are opened mouth-to-mouth to each other at room temperature. The entropy in the mixture of gases is likely to.......

A) remain unchanged

B) increase

C) decrease

D) change

  • A catalyst increase the rate of a chemical reaction by providing a path that......

A) raise the activation energy

B) increase the temperature

C) lowers the activation energy

D) increase the concentration

  •  The equilibrium of an endothermic reaction which proceeds with an increase in volume can be shifted in the reverse direction by......

A) increasing the temperature and decreasing the pressure

B) increasing the pressure and increasing the temperature

C) decreasing the temperature and increasing the pressure

D) decreasing the pressure and decreasing the temperature

  • Hydrogen sulphide gas can act as.....

A) an oxidizing agent

B) a dehydrating agent

C) a bleaching agent

D) a precipitating agent agent

E) a reducing agent

  • The gasification of coke is used for the manufacturing of.......

A) producer gas

B) natural gas

C) synthetic gas

D) industrial gas