School of Nursing Physics


  • 1kg of boiling water at 100°C is poured into an aluminium hot water bottle at 16°C. The temperature of the water quickly falls to 96°C. Assuming that there is no loss of heat, the mass of the bottle is.......

A) 0.25kg

B) 0.5kg

C) 0.05kg

D) 0.75kg.

  •  The resultant of two forces is 50N. If the forces are perpendicular to each other and one of them makes an angle of 30° with the resultant, find its magnitude.........

A) 57.7N

B) 25.0N

C) 100.0N

D) 57.7N

E) 43.3N

  •  When a brick is taken from the earth’s surface to the moon, its mass......

A)Remains constant

B)Becomes zero



  • The pair of physical quantities that are scalar only are......

A) Volume and area

B) Impulse and time

C) Moment and momentum

D) Length and displacement

  • A simple pendulum of length 0.4m has a period 2s. What is the period of a similar pendulum of length 0.8m at the same place?

A) 2√2s

B) √2s

C) 8s

D) 4s

  • A train with an initial velocity of 20ms-1 is subjected to a uniform deceleration of 2ms-2. The time required to bring the train to a complete halt is——

A) 10s

B) 40s

C) 5s

D) 20s

  •  Calculate the apparent weight loss of a man weighing 70kg in an elevator moving downwards with an acceleration of 1.5ms-2.....

A) 105N

B) 686N

C) 595N

D) 581N

  •  A piece of cork floats in a liquid. What fraction its volume will be immersed in the liquid? [density of the cork = 0.25 × 103kgm-3, Density of the liquid = 1.25 × 103kgm-3]

A) 0.2

B) 0.1

C) 0.8

D) 0.5

  • An object is moving with a velocity of 5ms-1. At what height must a similar body be situated to have a potential energy equal in value with the kinetic energy of the moving body? [g ≈ 10ms-2].....

A) 1.3m

B) 25.0m

C) 1.0m

D) 20.0m

  •  If a pump is capable of lifting 5000 kg of water through a vertical height of 60 m in 15 min, the power of the pump is........

A) 3.3 × 103 Js-1

B) 2.5 × 104 Js-1

C) 2.5 × 105 Js-1

D) 2.3 × 103 Js-1

  • The coefficient of friction between two perfectly smooth surface is.......

A) Infinity

B) One

C) Half

D) Zero

  •  A piece of radioactive material contains 1000 atoms. If its half-life is 20 seconds, the time taken for 125 atoms to remain is........

A) 40 seconds

B) 20 seconds

C) 60 seconds

D) 80 seconds

  • Calculate the work done, when a force of 20N stretches a spring by 50mm.....

A) 0.5 J

B) 2.5 J

C) 1.5 J

D) 2.0 J

  • At what depth below the sea-level would one experience a change of pressure equal to one atmosphere?

A) 10.0 m

B) 1.0 m

C) 100.0 m

D) 0.1 m

  • What volume of alcohol will have the same mass as 4.2m3 of petrol? [Density of alcohol = 8.4 × 102kgm-3, Density of petrol = 7.2 × 102 kgm-3].....

A) 3.6 m3

B) 1.4 m3

C) 0.8 m3

D) 4.9 m3

  • Calculate the length which corresponds to a temperature of 20°C if the ice and steam points of an ungraduated thermometer are 400 mm apart........

A) 60mm

B) 30mm

C) 20mm

D) 80mm

  •  A wire of length 100.0m at 300C has a linear expansivity of 2 × 10-5K-1. Calculate the length of the wire at a temperature of -100C.....

A) 99.92m

B) 100.08m

C) 100.04m

D) 99.96m

  •  Two liquids X and Y having the same mass are supplied with the same quantity of heat. If the temperature rise in X is twice that of Y, the ratio of specific heat capacity of X to that of Y is.......

A) 2 : 1

B) 1 : 4

C) 1 : 2

D) 4 : 1

  • Foods cook quicker in salt water than in pure water because of the effect of.....

A) Dissolved substances on the boiling point

B) Salt on thermal the conductivity of water

C) Atmosphere pressure on the boiling point

D) Food nutrients on the thermal energy

  • Steam from boiling water cause more damage on the skin does boiling water because

A) The steam is at a higher temperature than the water

B) Steam brings heat more easily by convection.

C) Water has a high specific heat

D) Steam has latent heat of fusion