JAMB Possible Questions And Answers From LIFE Changer (Chapter by Chapter)

Chapter 1

How old is Bint?

Bint is five years old (see page 1)

Which subject is optional in Bint’s school?

French (see page 1)

How many siblings does Bint have?

Bint has two sisters (see page 1)

What was the first question Mallam Salihu ask the classroom

He asked them to translate Good morning in French (see page 1)

Who answered Mallam Salihu’s question?

Bint answered his question (see page 1)

What question did Bint ask Mallam Salihu?

How do you say ‘’that’s very good in French” (see page 1)

Who did Mallam Salihu call to answer Bint’s Question?

A senior French Mistress (see page 2)


Translate ‘’Good morning’’ in French

“Bonjour’’ (see page 2)

Translate ‘’That’s very good’’ in French

c’est tres bien (see page 2)

Who often says ‘’what you teach a child is like writing on a rock and when dried, it would be difficult to erase’’

Ummi’s grandmother (see page 2)

Why does Ummi often enter her children’s room unanounced?

She does did to ensure they maintain a good hygiene by keeping their room clean and so they could get use to her presence (see page 2)

Who is Jamila ?

Jamila is Bint’s immediate elder sister (see page 3)

What position is Bint in the family?

Bint is the last child of family (see page 3)

Who is the first and only son of the family?

Omar is the first and only child of the family (see page 3)

What is the meaning of the name “Ummi’’ in Arabic

Ummi is translated in Arabic as ‘’ my mother’’ (see page 3)

Ummi was named after whom?

Ummi was named after her paternal grandmother (see page 3)

Translate ‘’Goodbye, until we meet again’’ in French?

“au revoir’’ (see page 3)

Who is Bint’s Social studies teacher?

Mallam Salihu is Bint’s Social Studies teacher (see page 3)

What do Ummi’s children call her?

Mummy (see page 3)

What was Ummi’s Occupation?

Ummi use to be a teacher (see page 4)

Who is Teemah?

Teemah is the second child but first daughter of the family (see page 4)

How old is Omar?

Omar is eighteen years old (see page 4)

What course was Omar offered in the University?

Omar was given admission to study law at the Kongo campus in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (see page 4)

What course did Ummi’s Husband studied in the university

Ummi’s Husband read accounting in the university (see page 5)

What course had Ummi’s Husband always wanted to study? Ummi’s husband had always wanted to study Law (see page 5)

What time does Ummi’s Husband close from work?

He closes from work at five o’clock (see page 5)

Where does Ummi’s Husband work?

He works in a bank (see page 5)

How did Omar wanted to be referred to by his siblings?

“My learned brother” (see page 5)

Who suggested they all go outside and why?

Jamlia suggested they all went outside because there was no power supply and it was getting hot and stuffy inside. (See page 6)

What reward was Omar expecting from his dad for his achievement?

Omar was expecting a Phone (see page 6)

What was Omar JAMB score?

Omar scores 230 out of 400 in the matriculation exam (see page 9)

Who offered to pay for the Zobo drinks?

Ummi offered to pay (see page 7)

Who went to buy the Zobo drinks?

Teemah went to buy the drinks (see page 7)

Who asked Ummi to tell them a story?

Bint asked Ummi to tell them a story (see page 7)

Who calls Omar William Shakespeare?

Teemah, after Omar uses the idiom “no means a small feat” (see page 8)

How long did the family have to wait for the arrival of daddy?

Two to three hours (see page 8)

What does “’no means a small feet” implies?

Omar made this statement and it means “a laudable triumph of great difficulty’’ (see page 8)

How many credits did Omar get in his WAEC?

Omar scores seven credits including Mathematics and English in his first attempt in WAEC examination. (See page 8)

Why did Omar have to wait for two days before checking his admission status?

Omar had to wait because he did not have a smartphone unlike his friend. (See page 9)

How did Omar check his admission status?

Omar had to go to a cyber café to check his admission status. (See page 9)

Chapter 2 

What condition did Ummi’s husband agreed to?

Ummi gets married to him before graduation. (See page 11)

When did Ummi get married to her husband?

Ummi got married to him before school registration (See page 11)

What was the double celebration in Lafayette?

Ummi’s admission and marriage (see page 11)

What the dress code for students in law faculty?

Black trousers, white shirts and black ties for the boys and dittos and skirt for girls (See page 11)

According to Ummi what is the first thing one is likely to notice in the campus?

Difference in dressing (see page 11) or Freedom of dressing (see page 2)

How would you describe Salma according to the text?

Salma is a fair complexed girl, tall, slim and rather busty (see page 12)

Where did Ummi and Salma first meet?

Faulty registration office (see page12)

How long did Salma arrived at the Office before she started complaining?

Barely fifteen minutes (see page 12)

Who was last on the queue at the faculty registration office?

Salma (see page 12)

Who engages Salma in a discussion on the queue?

The lecture in charge of the faculty registration (see page 12-14)

Why did Salma create a similarity between policemen and lectures?

They both can be bribed (see page 12)

Why did Salma suggest policemen are better than lecturers?

They do not have a stand (see page 13)

Salma describes the lecturer in the office as a ____?

Monkey (see page 13)

What is Salma’s surname?

Mohammed (see page 13)

How much did Salma claim will be enough able to win the lecturer’s favour?

Two or three thousand naira only (see page 13)

Who was in the office while the students waited in the queue?

John, the office cleaner ( See page 14)

Who was bereft of words and fidgeting and why?

Salma, after discovering the man she had been conversing with was not a student but the lecturer in charge of the registration (see page 14)

Who is described as a woman of few words?

The secretary of the HOD (see page 15)

Why was Ummi shocked when she saw the HOD?

The HOD was a young person (see page 15)

What is the name of the Ummi’s HOD?

Samuel Johnson (see page 15)

What is Ummi’s full name?

Ummi Ahmad (see page 16)

Why did Ummi developed a feeling of claustrophobia?

The HOD had asked her if she needed something to drink (see page 16)

What is Ummi’s matric number?

UG0001 (see page 17)

Why did Ummi left the HOD’s office angry?

She thought the HOD was trying to make a pass at her (see page 16)

Who assisted Ummi’s Husband with Ummi’s admission?

Dr Samuel Johnson (see page 19)

Ummi’s Husband calls the HOD_____?

Dr. SamJohn (see page 19)

What tribe is the HOD

Yoruba (see page 19)

How is the HOD described by Ummi and her husband?

He has a tribal mark and he looks like an Igala or Yoruba man. (See page 15 & 19)


Who apologizes to the HOD on behalf of Ummi?

Ummi’s husband (see page 20)

Who told Ummi the story about “the quiet one”?

Ummi’s husband (see page 20)

What lesson did Ummi intend to teach Omar from the story of the quiet one?

Never judge a book by its cover. Never judge anyone on the face level. Learn to trust sparingly. (See page 20)

What tradition was established in Lafayette?

No stranger was hosted or given accommodation without the knowledge of the district head (see page 20)

The district head is called _______

Hakimi (see page 20)

What was the reason for Lafayette established tradition?

To ensure that no criminal or fugitive from justice was harboured or accommodated in the village (see page 20)

Who is a boka?

A traditional medicine man (see page 21)

Who dies while giving birth?

Talle’s mother (see page 21)

How many children did Talle’s stepmother bore?

None (see page 21)

Who is referred to as the quiet one?

Talle (see page 21)

Who has a reticent nature?

Talle (see page 1)

Who died in a car accident?

Talle’s Father and Stepmother (see page 21)

Where does Talle work?

He works at the Local government Office, as a driver. (See page 21)

When does Talle resume and closes from work?

8am- 4pm (see page 21)

When did Talle stopped being quiet?

When his usual request doubled (see page 22)

The market women reports Talle to whom?

The Hakimi (see page 21)

What was Talle guilty of?

Talle was guilty of kidnap and extortion (see page 23)

Who said “inna liilahi wa inna ilaihir rajiún”

The courtier, meaning from Allah we came and unto him is our returning (see page 23)

Who did not give the Hakimi the respect strangers were supposed to give?

The policeman (see page 24)

The Hakimi had been ruling for how long?

Over 30 years (see page 24)

Who suggested the idea of adducting a boy

Zaki (see page 25-26)

Talle and zaki were sentenced to how many years of imprisonment?

Some years with hard labour (see page 25)

The ransom demanded for by Zaki was_____

One million initially but later two hundred and fifty thousand naira was bargained. (See page 26)

Where was Zaki arrested?

At the point of collecting the ransom (see page 26)

The full meaning of the acronym EMAL is ____

Examination Malpractice (see page 26)

Why was Zaki and Talle considered amateur kidnappers?

The abducted boy’s father reasoned they were amateurs because the ransom was one million and later two hundred and fifty thousand naira (see page 26)


How long have Dr Dabo been in the university

More than a Decade (see page 28)

“Don’t come in after me” was whose principle?

Dr Dabo (see page 28)

Who is Dr. Dabo?

The level coordinator (see page 29)

What was Salma’s mission in Dr. Dabo’s Office?

To have her forms signed (see page 29)

How did Dr Dabo feel about Salma?

He was instantly attracted to her (see page 29)

What inappropriate question did Dr Dabo ask Salma?

“I want to know you intimately” (see page 29)

What was Salma response to Dr Dabo’s request?

She refuses to give in to his request, dismisses his intentions and insults him (see page 30)

Why was Dr Dabo vulnerable after Salma left his Office?

He feared Salma would report him to the School authorities and tarnish his image and reputation (see page 30)

How many girls were allocated to a room in the hostel?

Four girls (see page 31)

Where does Salma come from?

North (see page 29 & 31)

Where does Tomiwa come from?

The West, Ibadan. (see page 31)

Where does Ngozi come from?

Umunze, Imo state (see page 31)

Where does Ada hail from?

Benue state, Middle belt (see page 31)

What is the name of Salma’s hostel?

Queen Amina Hall ( see page 31)

What was Salma issue with the room allocated to her?

The composition of her roommates (see page 32)

How long does it take to change roommates?

Two semesters at least (see page 33)

Who is generous to a fault?

Ngozi (see page 32)

What food is considered student’s favourite?

Indomie jollof (see page 33)

What is Ada’s home town delicacy?

Rat (see page 33)

What is Tomiwa’s home town delicacy?

Snails (see page 33)

What is Salma’s special delicacy?

Danwake (see page 33)

What can be eaten with Danwake?

Groundnut oil or stew (see page 33)

What Religion does Salma and Tomiwa practice?

Islam (see page 34)

What Religion does Ada and Ngozi practice?

Christianity (see page 34)

Where and what time of the day did Salma gets a ride from a black Mercedes Benz?

Kwangila(see page 35) and 8 o’clock in the evening (see page 34)

Who appears to be voluble?

Labaran (see page 34-35)

Who appears to be less voluble?

Habib (see page 35)

Who did Salma believed was the owner of the car?

Habib (see page 35)

Why did Salma plan to decline Habib’s proposal

To add up to her list of influential people she had turned down. (See page 35)


What time did Tomiwa receive a phone call from Habib?

8 o’clock in the evening ( see page 36)

Why did no guy attempt to go out with Tomiwa?

Tomiwa’s Overconfidence (see page 36)

Where did Habib pick Tomiwa from?

Kwangila (see page 36)

“I made a space for you in the front so you can seat near your hearthrod”

Who made this statement?


To whom?


Hearthrod refers to?

Habib (see page 37)

What particular thrilling story did Tomiwa read?

Mario Puzo’s Godfather (see page 37)

Habib parks his car near which shop?

Faculty of Suya (see page 38)

What statement made Tomiwa angry?

‘’You are not Tomiwa?’’ (see page 38)

Whose idea was it to pick up Salma?

Labaran (see page 38)

Tomiwa accuses Habib of being an expert at what?

Picking girls by the roadside (see page 38)

Who is Labaran?

Habib’s driver (see page 38)

Why didn’t Tomiwa reject Habib’s call?

Curiosity (see page 39)

‘’They are like spindle’’

Who makes the statement above, to whom and who is being compared to?

Tomiwa makes this statement to Habib and comparing  Politicians (see page 39)

How much did Habib handed over to Tomiwa

Five hundred naira bills,a total of Fifty thousand Naira (see page 40)

How much was to be given to Salma’s Roommates?

Ten thousand naira each. (see page 40)

Salma compares Tomiwa to a _____

Chameleon (see page 42)

Salma and her roommates are regarded as what grade of students?

B students (see page 45)

What was the last General paper during Salma’s final year

Moral philosophy (see page 45)

What are the most valued rituals of students who cook in the hostel?

To lock their door and avoid sharing (see page 41)


When are general studies question taken?

At the end of the examination time table (see page 46)

What were the contents of Moral philosophy?

Parental, Islamic and Christian moral teachings (see page 46)

Who was more stunning on the day of the General studies examination?

Salma (see page 46)

According to law, when are students expected to be settled in the examinations hall

Thirty minutes before the examination (see page 46)

What is the easiest course in the university?

Moral philosophy (see page 46)

What course does Salma find very difficult?

Moral philosophy (see page 46)

What guaranteed Salma of passing Moral Philosophy?

The lecturer had been recycling the same questions with very minor modification. (See page 46)

Who was sitting next to Salma during her final examination?

Kolawole Abdul (see 47)

Why is Kola famous?

Being the brightest student (see page 47)

Why does the female invigilator not like Salma?

She doesn’t like her because she is intimidated by appearance (see page 47)

Who gives Salma a cheat note?

Kola (see page 47)

Who signed the second witness form?

A female student sitting on the other side of Salma (see page 49)

What is the name of the female invigilator that caught Salma cheating?

Dr Amina (see page 51)

When did a new HOD arrived?

Six month before the examination started (see page 50)

What was Salma’s punishment for cheating?

She was expelled (see page 52)

‘’Mum this reads like a story of fiction”

Who made this statement?

Omar (see page 51)

Who implicated Kolawole?

Salma (see page 52)


What do most students do when caught cheating?

Pack their belongings, leave the school and sit for other qualifying exams to another school. (See page 53)

Who did Salma confide in when she had to face the EMEC?

Tomiwa (see page 53)

Why did Salma sought for Habib’s help?

Habib was influential (see page 53)

What was the inscription on Habib desk?


What was Habib’s political title?

He was the Speaker of the House (see page 54)

Who did Habib suggest could help Salma?

Professor Dabo (see page 54)

What is full meaning of EMEC

Examination Malpratice and Ethics Committee (see page 55)

Professor Dabo is a professor of what course?

Biological Sciences (see page 55)

How much does Habib offers to give Salma to bribe the chairman of EMEC?

Two or three thousand naira (see page 55)

What does Habib want in return for the money he gives Salma?

He wants to have an affair with her (see page 55)

What is the name of the Chairman Salma meets in person?

Dr Kabir (see page 57)

How much did Dr Kabir requested from Salma?

Two hundred thousand naira (see page 57)

How did Salma give to Dr Kabir ?

One hundred thousand Naira (see page 57)

Who was not a member of the EMEC?

Dr Kabir (see page 58)

Who is Kolawole Abdul?

Salma’s classmate (see page 58)

What conclusion did Salma sum up about men except for her father?

No man was worthy to be called a man (see page 59)


Who is Mohammed Kabir?

He is a Laboratory technologist in the University (see page 61)

What was Mohammed Kabir’s weakness?

Easy money (see page 61)

Who did Labaran propose to deal with Kabir?

Zaki (see page 62)

What was Zaki’s failed mission?

The abduction of Alhaji Adamu’s son (see page 62)

How much did Zaki’s failed mission cost Honourable Habib?

Over quarter of a million (see page 62)

Who became a smuggler after being released from prison?

Talle (see page 62)

What business was Zaki into?

Importing and exporting spare parts of cars (see page 62)

What song was Zaki entertaining himself with at the gambling spot?

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers (see page 63)

Who is the leader of the gambling group?

Kartagi (see page 64)

How much did Kabir take to the gambling spot?

Fifty thousand naira only (see page 63)

How much did Kabir leave with?

Three hundred thousand Naira. ( see page 63)

What is the name of the thug sent to Kabir?

Gumuzu (see page 64)

Who was no match for Zaki?

Gumuzu (see page 64)

What happened to Kabir after his encounter with Zaki?

Kabir fainted (see page 64)

How much was Zaki paid for the success of mission with Kabkir?

Fifty thousand Naira (see page 65)

What was Labaran reason for not giving Habib the money retrieved from Kabir?

Labaran justifies his act by giving three reasons:

Habib was wealthy man

It was a general believe gamblers do not usually have money on them therefore Habib wouldn’t know if he lied.

Labaran believed Habib and Salma betrayed him (see page 66)

“All the worst for wears” implies?

In a poor condition (see page 67)

How many days after Salma’s father funeral did she return to the hostel?

Eight days (see page 67)

What is Tomiwa’s reason for burying corpse as soon as they die?

To avoid delaying the meeting of the dead and the Creator (see page 68)

What is Ngozi’s reason for delaying corpses burial?

To ascertain they are not burying someone alive. For Family members to perform their last rites, pay their last respect and bid final farewell. (See page 69)

What does Omar love about Salma and her roommates?

The way they relate with one another. (See page 70)

What made Salma change her ways?

The death of her father (see page 71)

Who begins a courtship with Salam?

Salim (see page 71)

When did Ummi and Slam become friends?

When Ummi saw Salam’s level of seriousness (see page 71)


What is the name of Salim’s first smartphone?

Note series (see page 72)

What was Salma’s advice to Salim concerning the smartphone?

Salma encourages him to enjoy his money before marriage responsibilities ensnares him (see page 72)

Who is Salim’s Friend?

Lawal (see page 72)

According to Salim, Salma is technically is _______?

Wife (see page 72)

What programme was Lawal watching in the living room?

A wresting programme (see page 72)

What was Salim’s reason for visiting Lawal?

Salim wanted lawal to accompany to visit his new girlfriend?

See page 73)

What tribe is Salim’s new girlfriend?

Fulani (see page 73)

How long has Salim been chatting with his new girlfriend?

One week (see page 73)

Lawal refers to Salim’s new girlfriend as

India princess (see page 73)

Why was Salim disappointed after visiting his new girlfriend?

He was disappointed because the girl he met was a different person from the pictures sent to him (see page 74)

Who was the antecedent to Lawal’s Indian girlfriend?

Natasha (see page 75)

Who sends Lawal a friend request?

Natasha (see page 5)

According to Natasha’s description, where was Salim directed to ?

A cul-de-sac (see page 76)

What style did Salim parked his car?

Military style (see page 76)

Whose vehicle did Salim visit Natasha with?

His father’s SUV (see page 76)

What brand of vehicle did Salim visit Natasha with?

The sport utility car (see page 76)

How did Salim knew Natasha was part of the conspiracy.

He noticed the self-distancing in her first statement “Don’t hurt him” (see page 77)

Which Social media did Salim meets Natasha and his ugly princess ?

Facebook (see page 78)

Who got engaged to Salma?

Salim (see page 79)

Who was the family waiting for?

Daddy (see page 1 &79)

Test Questions from The Book “Life Changer”

1. What was Salma’s Physical appearance?

2. What does Selma believe about Lecturers?

3. Why was the HOD close to Ummi

4. Who was the formidable boka

5. What is the real name of the quiet one?


6. Where did the quiet one hear the police siren?

7. Talle was guilty of which Crimes?

8. How long did Talle and Zakki kidnap the little boy?

9. How much did the kidnappers demand?

10. What does EMAL stand for?

11. What drove Salma out of the university

12. Which hostel was Salma given?

13. Why did she not like the Hostel?

14. Which school did Salma first gain admission to?

15. What was Salma’s last paper?

16. Which other word can replace Notes of Salvation?

17. Who gave Salma the Notes of Salvation

18. What kind of phone did Salim buy?